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Originally Posted by Samwise Gagner View Post
By all means feel free to respond to my post in a way that actually addresses the topic rather than just calling me out.

So far this thread is full of Dubnyk bashing, very little of which seems to be coming from sources who really seem familiar with the position. I'd just like to hear from some people who at very least have a little experience with goaltending in one form or another, an "educated" opinion rather than just a few guys who've seen the highlights of the bad goals and come to the conclusion that we need a new goaltender (despite the fact that he's been above average in most every other ways). If that offends you, don't feel mandated to be part of the discussion.
Clearly this isn't the right forum for you. There must be somewhere online that people with your self-proclaimed ability to make an educated comment.

Your comment about the 'occasional' softie really weakens your argument and your crediblity. Most games with a soft goal is not occasional.

As for being dismissed about just seeing the highlights, well that's false. Believe it or not there are people who watch as many of the Oilers games as they can, without making baseless claims about knowledge of the position.

Dubnyk has the 26th GAA in the league. He still has poor puck handling skills and makes poor decisions. He hasn't even stopped half of the attempts he has faced in the shootout.

He plays well when the pressure is off. At other times he is uneven and lets in soft goals.

Thankfully Krueger is starting Khabi tonight.

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