Thread: Value of: Ales Hemsky at the Deadline
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03-23-2013, 02:50 PM
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Originally Posted by SchultzSquared View Post
Welp... you were proven wrong...

So let me extend this challenge to you since I met your requirement... this goes to Viqsi and anyone else who has proposed this...

Name a single trade in NHL history in which a player was traded with a 1st that was conditional based on that player's health

You've got what... 95 years of history to work with... should be easy I would think?
but its not because A player's health cannot be used as a condition in those situations. it is done, but its always stated in other terms or as a gentlemans agreement between GM's. it is technically not allowable to trade an injured player, but they do it and skirt the rules by calling the condition something else.

2 years ago Simon Gagne was traded for a 4th or a 3rd conditionally to the kings. the league held it up until the condition was changed to : "if the kings made the playoffs" but it was common knowledge at the time of the trade that it was health related

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