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Originally Posted by CHRDANHUTCH View Post

each time there's been a threatened shutoff it hasn't happened, jeben, even the legal issues stemming from the Chemung County charge that they weren't paid by x date, was eventually solved as was the sidebar involving Freeman vs. Afr over whom actually owns the arena, see, the Afr's have been a thorn in the sides of three markets, two of which they were successful in deswtroying any hope of a fanbase in hockey ever returning to those markets (Louisville & Port Huron); they're attempting to destabilize and destroy a 3rd in Elmira, they're not allowed after the Louisville fiasco to even be proposed and/or accepted to any other league higher than the ECHL.... In all honesty, McKenna/ECHL would love to see new operators in Elmira, as the Arena issue seems to have settled down and the prevailing rumor at this point might be that the Afr's might be told to relinquish the rights to the Jackals, so the only option is either new ownership or no hockey but Elmira's staying unless the ECHL starts procedures to terminate the club's membership (and currently, they're a playoff team as of tonight.
But how long before the state actually follows through and shuts off the power? To me, it seems like they are letting Elmira generate as much revenue as possible from the remaining ECHL games and then off goes the power until they pay their bills. The Jackals look to be First Arena's only tenant and after viewing the event calendar the only events they have is the Jackals and on March 30 it's Cirque D'Or. One event in the whole month of April and nothing in May, June, July, August. How does an arena pay their bills when they are only home to one team that draws worst in the league?

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