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Originally Posted by EspenK View Post
Ah, the infamous hockey sense,low IQ I guess. Where exactly do you watch him to determine this? Do they broadcast KHL on the net?
Hockey sense is real, and the term is somewhat interchangeable with "clever" or this new phrase "hockey iq". To give you a scenario relevant to Nichushkin, imagine a guy is in the offensive zone in a cycle situation. Can he figure out a way to get the puck to the prime scoring areas that doesn't involve just bulldozing your way through in a primal fashion? The Sedin's might be the best at this in the whole league, and a lot more goals around the league come from clever alternatives than the bulldozer approach.

I've only seen Nichushkin play 3 times, but he didn't get much ice time in any game, so my critique is as much from scouting reports as it is from first hand viewing. And I'm not saying he doesn't have the hockey sense, he just hasn't proven it.

Jarmo is always looking for elite hockey sense, and I doubt he would take a guy even at #20 who doesn't have at least good hockey sense. Even if you're 6-5 230 its tough to be elite in the NHL without it.

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