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03-23-2013, 03:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Connie Moreau View Post
Have you watched any 'Canes game at all this season? Cam Ward was awful before he got sidelined from injury.

Based on his performances this season (and since it's totally okay to judge Fleury based on one abysmal playoff season, I'm going to do the same to Ward), I don't want him anywhere near this Sochi team.
Actually, that's not true at all. Regardless of the fact that it was sample size of 17 games, he was starting to play much better and was consistently playing at a level that was usual for him.

I was judging Fleury based on his play from the past calender year, which means a much larger sample size and is in gernal, a far better decision. I was always a fan of him. However last year he did not play well down the stretch, in the playoffs and hasn't been all that strong this year. Lately he's played better which is a feather in his cap. If he continues to his play to the end of this season, then of course, his name is in the running for a back up spot. With that said, we are talking about our impressions NOW and the current status of their play, not what could very well change in 10 months. By that time all of our rosters have changed and him being on the roster at that point is a very real possibility.

Your point would be valid if it were thoroughly researched. You clearly were just looking at stat lines and assuming it gospel and indicative of his play. Either that or you saw some of the highlights when we were ten games in and deciding to judge him based on that. Either way, you don't know what you are talking about.

I could normally agree with your point about Ward, however it just has no basis and is factually incorrect. The only argument against Ward AT LEAST getting a look for the third goalie spot is that he's streaky. This is really what we are arguing about too, someone who probably won't see any time. So assuming, as he is streaky, that he's not playing well for arguments sake. OK, that's fine. What that really means is you have two capable goaltenders who are otherwise excellent are proven talent.

However were Ward to have a hot glove next January and going into the Olympic games be playing that way, he'd be a serious contender for the past he has proven success in international hockey, and in the postseason. If you don't believe that you might as well go rewatch the SC Finals between the Canes and the Oilers. Hot goalies are scary goalies and in short tournaments, can win you the whole thing. Personally I'd put more stock into Ward than Fleury, but that's just me.

And this is all irrelevant as I stated, we are arguing about a third goalie here.

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