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03-23-2013, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by fatschoonerrat View Post
Some of you clearly have an opinion that expressing displeasure isn't classy. Lowest common denominator? Please. (Unless any of you were the guy in the Bruins jersey last night.) I think it would be less honorable to sit on your hands and accept what you're seeing if you don't like it. My favorite: when the Metropolitan Opera was booed. If you're getting booed, you probably deserve it.
Yup. Should we be good fans and support our players when they are doing well? Sure. Should we idolize them to the extent that they should be immune to our criticism, and should be sheltered from our grumblings and murmurs of dissatisfaction? Nope. If your loved ones **** you off you let them hear it. Your girlfriend, your parents, your children, employees/employer, and yes your team.

These people are human beings, not untouchable heroes, gods or saints. So as such we should be able to voice our displeasure with them. Just like we would any other human being. It's an ordinary fan reaction.

IMHO no team/band/group/performer/athlete should be hero worshiped to the point where their fans/customers are not allowed to voice criticism and/or (non-violently) admonish them.

I myself have only booed once these last two years that I can recall.

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