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Originally Posted by The Sweetness View Post
Rangers fan choosing Kane.

Imo Kane makes his teammates better and has an ability to drive a teams offense better than Kovalev who only demonstrated elite offensive production for a fairly small window of his career.

Kane has proven to be an elite level offensive talent for nearly every year he has been in the league while Kovalev's production was at a similar level for a much smaller period.

For how many years was Kovalev viewed as an elite winger? My guess is only for a 4-5 years of a long career. Kane at a young age is viewed as an elite winger and will probably be continued to be viewed as such throughout his entire career.

I really think Kovalev is being overrated on this thread for his skill when the bottom line is that a player should be evaluated for his body of work and I don't see how you can place Kovalev ahead of Kane if we are evaluating them on their body of work at roughly the same age. At has been pointed at, even at 24 years of age Kane nearly has eclipsed Kovalev's production during his most productive seasons despite Kane being younger.

I also do not think that Kane should be hit for quality of teammates when Kovalev tied Straka for points with 95 in his most productive offensive season and Lang wasn't far behind.

I feel the deciding factor in this will be the drive and dedication Kane shows throughout the rest of his career. If he shows a desire to keep improving and can stay in shape he will almost certainly have a better career than Kovalev.
4-5 seasons? I think you are being far too kind to Kovalev.. try 2...MAYBE 3.

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