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03-23-2013, 04:01 PM
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What is the mean of everything? It's half.

Just for kicks what is a teams "historic average"? It's the middle, that's what it is. iow, the mean. People need to quit trying to prove anything with their silly stats, cuz they can't prove a freakin thing with them. Historically, it all evens out for EVERYONE, Right?

Ex: my grampa's old, will he die? Hold on, I'll check my fenwick corsi. Yup, he'll die. Silliness.

Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
Last year the Rangers had a mediocre fenwick close last year and the experts on the board were saying they were due for regression. The regressed their ways to the division title and ECF appearance.

This season, the Rangers have one of the best fenwick close ratings and they're a mediocre team.
Lesson learned is?

Don't listen to them.

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