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Originally Posted by zeus3007 View Post
Every fan believes their teams rebuild will be brief. They don't take into consideration the things like developing their young players, trying to purge guys that won't fit in the future, and that sort of thing. For Flames fans sake, I hope Feaster can make some brilliant moves, but getting 2 or 3 star players doesn't happen overnight. Baertschi is the only potential one that is close to NHL ready. Janko looks to be at best 3 years out.
First of all I didn't mean that as an insult to the Oilers. But I think the guys that we leave behind; such as Glencross who's still seemingly improving, one of J-Bo or Gio, Brodie, maybe one of Tangs or Stemps, Hudler, Cervenka (hope we get him re-signed), that's a much better core than what Oilers hit the bottom with.

Not to mention, Oilers never really had a firesale. Calgary can get decent return for Iginla, Gio/J-Bo, Stemps, Cammy, even Stajan is playing well and will warrant a return. That's 5 potential returns with hopefully a couple close to NHL ready prospects thrown in.

It just looks like a stronger core, with or without a firesale. Edmonton had to throw their kids to the wolves a little bit, and the best players they had to work with were each other. Say we get Drouin, he's got Glencross, Bartschi, Backlund, Tanguay, he's already got so much to work with and can be sheltered if necessary.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Feaster is very aggressive during free agency. He'll definitely sign some guys, like he did with Hudler; that was a great addition that allowed us to trade other wingers without falling into the abyss. Free agency will improve our team, while making our players expendable in trades.

So due to enormous quantity of potential returns, aggressive free agent signings, and still a decent core left behind, I just don't see Calgary falling into the abyss the way that other teams have.

EDIT: Oh yeah, forgot about Kipper. 6 potential returns!

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