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Originally Posted by The Sweetness View Post
Why dispute a statement then back off when asked to substanstiatenyour claim?
Why get into an in depth argument when no one seems to know what exactly is being argued in the first place? I've been down this road way too many times.

Originally Posted by The Sweetness View Post
What year was Kovalev elite in the 90's that made you tell a poster he missed hockey in that decade?
I answered this, actually. As early as the Rangers' '93/94 Cup win, and it's basically up to you how much we get into between then and '00/01, to which I already added '07/08 with the Habs, and am willing to flesh in more around that... again, depending. But if the end game involves flipping this back into a "Kane has X elite seasons and Kovalev has Y elite seasons" measurement, I'm not particularly interested.

edit: also, are we going "top 5-10" (looove arbitrary goal posts, btw, which means we'll be throwing out any 11th or 12th place finishes regardless of whether the position was particularly talent-laden or not) according to post season all-star voting, or some kind of statistical measure, or a combination, or what? Again, I see where this can all go depending on how this starts out.

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