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03-23-2013, 05:05 PM
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Originally Posted by NightBlazer View Post
Flames fans are, for the most part, signed off on a rebuild at this point.

Flames fans were never delusional and never was management. It wasn't the time then, a 10th place team can still go the other way and if you don't believe that then you shouldn't even be in sports. I would be ashamed if my team blew it up in 10th place. I think that's an absolute disgraceful thing to even suggest and so do a lot of Flames fans and management.

This is an entirely different situation. This IS the appropriate time to signal to a rebuild. It's getting close to the deadline and Calgary is close to last place. This isn't a situation that Calgary has been in before, so I wouldn't compare the Regehr trade or anything else to the situation that Calgary is currently facing.

EDIT: As for setting up for McDavid, I really don't see Calgary in the basement for that long. It's not gonna be an Oilers thing. The Oilers had their 1st picks, and guys like Horcoff, Smid, Hemsky, to carry them outta the basement. Calgary has Glencross who's on a 40 goal pace, Bartschi, Backlund, we'll still have some of our good wingers, probably one of J-bo or Gio, a guy like Drouin or MacKinnon hopefully, and none of that includes the assets that we would get back in trades. That's a much more solid core than the Oilers had to work with IMO, even without including the assets we get back in a trade. I think this rebuild will be pretty brief.
I didn't want to make my post sound like a slight on the Flames, but I'm afraid it may have been. Whatever I believe, or anyone else, is irrelevant. And I think the Flames are in touch with their own fan base as well or better than most teams in the league. And striving to make the playoffs should be applauded.

I was mainly trying to point out that we may not get the big selling off of assets that seemingly everybody wants, due to past indications. But I agree time is definitely running out on this season, and tomorrow's game may very well be the clincher.

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