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03-23-2013, 05:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Jag68Sid87 View Post
I didn't want to make my post sound like a slight on the Flames, but I'm afraid it may have been. Whatever I believe, or anyone else, is irrelevant. And I think the Flames are in touch with their own fan base as well or better than most teams in the league. And striving to make the playoffs should be applauded.

I was mainly trying to point out that we may not get the big selling off of assets that seemingly everybody wants, due to past indications. But I agree time is definitely running out on this season, and tomorrow's game may very well be the clincher.
I didn't take it as a slight, I was trying to say that Flames fans have shifted, because the situation has shifted. Flames were not in a situation to blow it up before, the fans wouldn't have tolerated it.

It wasn't the time to rebuild then, but it clearly is now. So you'll see a shift in management philosophy when it comes to trades.

Also you gotta remember, Calgary never traded for futures because Iginla was always getting older, and Calgary wanted to get him another good playoff run. Sutter tried his ass off to get Marleau, 90 point Jokinen, etc., They just couldn't get that last piece but it wasn't for lack of trying. So now that Iginla's window with Calgary is closing, it's time to let him try somewhere else, and start thinking about the future. Hopefully though he returns a bounty and then re-signs with us next year..

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