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Originally Posted by apice3 View Post
I don't understand why people get so enamored with the "there are 24 scouts at this game" comments whenever they arise.
There's a difference between scouts there preparing for a matchup and scouts there to grade players. There really are never 24 scouts at one game unless a team is looking to make a move.

Most teams have a scout at every single game during the season, they're just not picked up on because they're normal looking people.
This isn't true. Teams don't deploy scouts unless it's to attain information (upcoming match-up or targeting a player for a trade).

The Devils, for example, have 16 scouts. That's 16 scouts for the amateur draft (international and domestic) and scouts to deploy around the league for trades/match-ups. The Sabres have 21 scouts, for comparisons sake, and are tops in the league in that department.

The amount of money that it would cost to send scouts to 15 games and then to scout the amateur/international players would be astronomical. You strategically deploy your scouts. So this is a big deal. Whoever those scouts are looking at are players their respective GM's are targetting.


It's so overblown and never signifies a trade is coming.
It signifies that teams are considering a trade with one of the two teams on the ice (in FLA case one team on this ice because why scout Jersey when you're playing them?)

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