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Originally Posted by alchemyindex View Post
I honestly sort of understand why Torts was so pissed after the Rangers were beaten by the Sabres - it wasn't even really what the other team did, but what our team didn't. Though I did hear the announcer talking near the end of the game: "I talked to Bryan Little, they had a day off on Monday, and he said he literally couldn't get out of bed almost all day." Makes me feel for the boys, but I don't want to just have them fall off the map!
Originally Posted by sipowicz View Post
Hey Little, when I was a younger man I worked a 6 day a week job with 10 hour shifts your playing a sport where you can retire at 35 and never have to even look for a job suck it up buttercup.
Originally Posted by BigZ65 View Post
And every other team the Jets are playing is not banged up and tired too?
You read that out of context.....My point was regardless of how much they make or when they can retire the human body can only absorb so much abuse. These guys are supremely conditioned athletes but hockey is a brutal, punishing sport. I wasn't commenting on the teams play nor if they have it rougher than any other team. My only point was you cannot just dismiss what these guys put their bodies through because of their salary. Of course they know what they are signing up for and are well (I would argue too well) compensated for it but everybody seems to downplay the toll playing hockey at the NHL level takes on your body.

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