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03-23-2013, 06:23 PM
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As to Mortensen's report: that smacks of "smokescreen" to me. Reid just traded for A. Smith, he isn't taking G. Smith. I doubt he tries to extract concession from Jacksonville at #2, because it's almost a certainty he wants Joeckel. Why would Jacksonville play that game? They don't need to do anything to wind up with G. Smith if he is their guy (more importantly, if Gabbert ISN'T their guy, and he doesn't look like he should be anybody's guy). Unless Kelly is absolutely over the moon for Geno, this make no sense. I think he is playing things closer to the vest. The Eagles still have tons of needs, and there will be 4-5 guys worth a Top 10 pick still on the board at #4 they could select and be happy with. Yes, he seems like a guy who is down to make a splash in his first draft, and he definitely wants/needs an impact QB, but I think he realizes they need to get the entire roster in order if they are going to win anything during his tenure here, which will not be 15 years unless the Eagles win multiple Super Bowls in the next 5-6.

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