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03-23-2013, 06:36 PM
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Originally Posted by mkhockeygoalie View Post
CHL: 8-12 teams depending on if the league hangs onto Quad City and Bloomington.
The league has already signed up for another year of running the Mallards if no buyer is found before then. I suspect the CHL will unload QC to the first schmuck who can pony up a franchise fee. If nobody steps forward, Duane Lewis will keep writing checks himself all next season.

Bloomington's situation is a little more difficult to predict, but I think the CHL will move heaven and earth to keep them afloat. Saint Charles and QC will definitely need Bloomington for next season. Without the Blaze, their whole Brampton experiment is going to fail even harder. I think Bloomington is in real trouble, but I can't see the league letting it fold either.

It's very possible the CHL could be running two teams next season. If so, that will only underscore the deep denial Lewis has regarding the future of his league. The CHL's trajectory is similar to that of the IHL back in 2009. To anyone with half a brain, it's obvious the wheels are coming off the cart.

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