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Originally Posted by SaintPatrick33 View Post
Well, apparently your definition of "biased" is anybody who doesn't agree with you that the current generation of players is the best ever. Which, quite frankly, is disrespectful to previous generations of players not the least of which is because of the implication that previous generations of players are inferior because they are Canadian. Perhaps an examination of your own bias is in order?
Show me where I stated that the current generation is the "best ever'?

I'm pointing out the differences in that makeup which you are ignoring once again.

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
The sticky was created to stop posters from coming to the history board and trashing the history of the sport, which is effectively the same as going to an NHL team's home board and trashing that team, basically trolling.

If you don't like the rules of the History of Hockey board, you are free to post elsewhere.
I understand the sticky and I abide with it, is asking for fairness and context for all players to much to ask?

Perhaps you could answer these 2 questions.

1)Is it fair to compare top 5,1020 finishes in a 21-30 team fully integrated league with basically all of the players form the new hockey talent areas to past years with less teams and a more singular makeup?

2)Is it not fair to ask the question of how much of a difference it makes to have players from other non Canadian talent streams in the top 5,10 and 20 in scoring and how they compare.

The timeline doesn't matter, it just happens to be a recent thing.

Are are you going to agree that era doesn't matter?

Either it does or it doesn't.

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