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03-23-2013, 06:54 PM
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Originally Posted by mgftp View Post
This is a rant, click your back button if you don't want to read negativity and anger.

I have heard so many things about this struggling team this year, and most are true, but it seems like everyone ignores the position the GM has put the team in. I am just so frustrated with this guy continually making the same mistake again and again. Signing players that are too old to deals that are too much of a cap hit to way too long of a term. We have a pretty insane track record at this point: Drury, Gomez, Redden, and now Richards being the biggest blunders from the list.

This guy simply can not operate in a salary cap league. How many depth and role players have we missed on signing, have we lost to free agency, or have had to trade because of these contracts that are completely idiotic the day they are signed? Yes, there are some players that have longevity, Jagr, Selanne, but they are few and far between. Most players start to decline around 30 so why are we giving players who are 30+ long term deals? Its just completely idiotic.

I started crying about the Richards contract before it was even signed, when it was just rumor, I know more than likely he would just become another Chris Drury. But my fellow Rangers fans said no, this is the best signing ever! ... OK, so now what? Could we even get 7th rounder back for the guy and the contract he carries at this point or will it be another buyout? (One thing I am unsure of, with the new CBA, does buying him out effect our cap space moving forward?) ...

But in the mean time we had to say goodbye to Prust who might be the best in the NHL at the role he plays because of cap space. And that would give us many more million left over to play with. With what Jagr is doing and all the kids we have to sign this off season - what about no Richards for having Prust, Jagr, and the ability to sign guys like DelZotto and others we won't be able to resign if we still have the Richards contract? I'd take that, but that just one of many possible scenarios if we weren't paying someone producing nothing and constantly turning the puck over 7mil$ for the next 5 years.

With all the problems the Rangers have, to me this is the root of the problem, its an idiotic mistake that has happened way too many times. So I just can't comprehend why it seems to be ignored.
At least hold the rants until he's out of the hospital. Damn.

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