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03-23-2013, 07:17 PM
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Saw candyman post this earlier and thought it was a fun idea so i'll just go ahead and steal it, with some small modifies

Real Name: Johan
Age: 23
Penguin fan since: Somewhere in the mid 90s, remember my dad bought me a pens cap, I still dont know if he bought it for me because i rooted for the pens or the other way around. Guess i just loved the penguins logo back then.
Location: Skovde, Sweden
Occupation: Industrial engineering
Favorite player: Sid
Least favorite player of all time: Hartnell
Other hockey team I'm a fan of: Farjestads BK SEL
Video games- Huge gamer, mostly PS3 or PC. Plays about everything, sports, RPG, online fps or MMOs
Marital status- Girlfriend
Penguin games- None
Favorite fellow Penguins Poster: Cole
Vehicle- 2004 Saab 9-3 Vector
Position played (if any)- Only plays pond hockey with friends but i suppose a speedy winger.
Hobbies: NHL, Sports, Skateboarding, Video games, movies and of course friends and family
Countries visited: Sweden, norway, denmark, finland, germany, netherlands and belgium.

Been lurking for some years and just love the board and everyone on here! Not my native language so bear with me on the spelling part.

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