Thread: OT: The 2013 Weather GDT
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03-23-2013, 07:20 PM
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I drive a lot. At work, at home, I enjoy driving, I'm all over the city and province for the most part. Without making an over extended post because I see its been thoroughly discussed already, I will say winter tires definitely make a difference, at least IMO.

I'm also astonished at how bad Alberta, particularly Edmonton drivers are in the winter months. It's truly pathetic. There should be more testing, schooling or whatever needs be... re-testing after a few years for not only new or young drivers but seniors too, and anyone who's been at fault for an accident or something. I don't know what can or should be done specifically, kinda just talking out of my ass but its really frustrating (putting it mildly)... It's like the snow comes and everyone goes regarded, forget how to drive safely, not rush, everything goes out the window...

All it takes is a little more caution and being a patient, courteous person towards your fellow driver, human being on the road, everything goes smoother if people are actually thoughtful and aware of each other. Cuz the conditions can get real bad as we've seen. The amount of aggressive, downright *******-ish drivers out there is amazing. Wonders never cease, lol.

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