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03-23-2013, 07:24 PM
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I saw both dynasties. The Oilers were better, and by a significant margin.

Advanced stats are useless. They for people who lack the ability to observe and make an informed judgement on what is actually going on the ice. They are often cherry picked to create false arguments that no one who was actually there would accept as valid.

The Oilers were simply more dominant than the Isles. They were so good that they could turn it off or on like a switch. Sometimes they could be frustrating because they were playing possum 95% of the time, which the Isles could not do as readily. That probably where a lot of the hockey stat nerds cull much o their evidence for downplaying the Oil's run.

The Oil won 5 Cup, and should have won 2-4 more I not for the financial problems of their owner. The were great but as great as the Oilers.

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