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Originally Posted by fly4apuckguy View Post
Yes, Don seemed very serious about it. He really took a stand there.

Or not.

I love how some of you watch him, get offended because you have zero sense of humor, post on here about how offended you are, and then count the minutes until the next Coach's Corner so you can be offended again.
You've never slowed down on the opposite side of a divided highway to look at an accident?

Originally Posted by fly4apuckguy View Post
It's a free country. Stop watching him then. (...)
My tax money at work.

And a gong show is good for the soul once in a while...

If only to feel better about yourself.

Originally Posted by Budddy View Post
its a free country...he can voice his opinion...oh...only if you agree with him?
He's not a caller on a phone-in show.

He's paid a great amount of money to spew his opinion.

And a good number of people take him at face value (look through this thread).

He might try not to deviate too far from the truth, once in a while.

You know, just to surprise us.

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