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03-23-2013, 08:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
which begs the questions: if Bob is such a stud #1 ELITE goalie, why did he get yanked from the playoffs 2 years ago ? why did his numbers stink last year while a Flyer ?

could it have been the Flyers turnovers, awful team D & frequent lack of hustle ??

Bob is a beast, obviously ..... but had awful numbers as a Flyer can that be ?
He got yanked from the playoffs due to poor coaching decisions. He should have been reassured by Lavi and told to play through it. Instead, he gets immdiately yanked. It was dumb. It was obviously dumb then, it's still dumb in hindsight.

His numbers were pretty good for a while. But guess what? He's YOUNG. Young goalies are inexperienced and often struggle to make it through a whole season. Combine that with infrequent starts, and it happens. Bob needs developing, then as well as now.

You continue to call the team D awful, which continues to be baffling since the eyeball test and relevant statistics peg them at least above average. So it's not that. What it PROBABLY is, is organizational impatience led to a knee-jerk signing of a goalie to a big contract that made it prohibitive to keep Bob and develop him. What it PROBABLY is, is the decision to sign Leighton to be the starter (which was dumb from the start) led to the complete botch of his development in Philly, since he couldn't spend time in the AHL.

Nice try with spinning this to be some absolvement of Bryz, but it isn't working. The team D remains better than you say. It's also intriguing that you call Bob's numbers as a Flyer awful. Because, guess what? They're better than Bryzgalov's.

Bryz has 87 games as a Flyer. Bob had 83. Bryz's cumulative save percentage is .906. Bob's is .909, though I suspect stat sites would possibly round it up to .910 based on what I saw doing my own math.

So Bob's awful numbers with the Flyers are better than Bryz's thus far. At least you finally admit Bryz is worse than awful.

It's a shame you'll probably ignore this as usual.

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