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03-23-2013, 08:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Vipassana View Post
Are we talking about these?

Saw them at my pro shop today. Weirdest ****ing skates I have ever seen. Like the design of the boot is absurd almost. But apparently they are pretty dang comfortable eh? They didnt seem very stiff either.
I actually like the design. Its different, yet its pretty simple.

The MLX skates are said to be the most comfortable skates on the market for years. Because its not as big as Baeur or RBK and its relatively new, you dont see a lot of pros wearing them but they do have a few. Off the top of my head, Dustin Byf. And these guys swear by them. In my youth, I heard about MLX being a very well liked by the users and had a strong faithful following but always thought since it wasnt that big and pros werent using them it must not one of the best skates. Then you realize thats not true.

Now that the Mako is out. All the reviews have given it a perfect score in comfort. In fact, the skate has developed a perfect rating in every category for all reviews. I believe one top review on youtube even stated that though they had to give it a 5/5... most of the skaters would have wanted to give it a 10/5. Its that good.

And they probably arent stiff. David Cruikshank was a speed skater and was a professional skate tutor for NHL skaters. He says he realized over a short time that hockey skates are very limiting in skating movement. So he went to Scott Van Horn. A pioneer in creating and designing custom skates and they put together a prototype.

The same way Van Horn made his speed skates popular, they went to one of the biggest names in the sport... and instantly he loved the product. In this case, Mario even wanted to sponsor it seeing a good ROI.

From there they made a pretty good name for themselves. I think Easton teaming up with MLX was the best thing to do for their skate lines. A lot of their new equipments look stellar and revolutionary one way or another. A differ idea on flex for gloves, a differ fitting for shoulder pads. did a review on the comparison between the MLX and Mako. According to them, the Mako was amazing and in every way a perfect evolution to the MLX.

From there, i talked with the guy about MLX skates hearing they would be cheaper. Everything i found out about MLX from there, i was in love with

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