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Originally Posted by OrrNumber4 View Post
With Gretzky, he got upwards of 50% of his team's points. When he went to LA, the team's scoring went up 18%.

Take a 270-goal team. Multiply by 1.18. Divide by 2. What do you get? 160 points..and that isn't even prime Gretzky.
That assumes that what took place in 89 could take place today.

Also the year before Wayne got to LA they scored 318 goals for which was good for 5th in the NHL.

The one looks more at the situation, Wayne, the Kings and NHL in 88 and 89 and the NHL today (pick your team), the 160 points needs a lot of "ifs" to work.

Wayne's total goals for ( as opposed to total goals against ) at age 28 is hardly world class either, he was on the ice for a league leading 169 Total goals against at age 28 which is still most players prime.

It will be very interesting to see how Sid's age 28 (or 29 for some counters) season stacks up in a couple of years

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