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Originally Posted by Mork View Post
Big. I don't know how big but at least 8 x 10. In the air just before landing on his stomach after just having scored the Cup-winning goal against St. Louis. I clearly remember watching that game on our black and white TV on CKX in Brandon, Manitoba. Number 4, Bobby Orr! There was no comparison.
Oh ok, ya, "the goal" after being tripped by a Blues player sent airborne. Normally he gives out the one I described above. I went to the Orr-Walton Sports Camp in 70, the year of that goal & Cup win for Boston. Big thrill facing that guy (along with Walton, Dennis Hull & a few others) in shooting drills (I was a goalie), 2 on Zero's n' whatnot. Orr's shot didnt scare me, accurate but neither terribly fast nor "heavy"; but Waltons sure as Hell did. That guy had a mean nasty streak in him a mile wide. Head Hunter & super competitive. Dennis Hull, 9 out of 10 shots over the glass. Absolutely wild. Ricocheting around the steel ceiling joists, busting light fixtures. Wasnt deliberate either, but always followed by crazed hysterical laughter. Really made you wonder about the gene pool in the Hull family... anyhoo, back on topic I suppose, and not a whole Hell of a lot happening. Enough to force a few drinks on a body huh?....

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