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03-23-2013, 10:05 PM
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Originally Posted by PCSPounder View Post
That attitude, understandable as it may be, might be what the Canucks want to change.

Assume I'm entering the debate about using AHL as a minor league vs developmental league. It's the strong belief of many that it's easy to find experience to win games at that level, but harder to find time for the young talent while trying to make money selling tickets.

More baseball teams are considering buying their AAA affilates (10 already have AAA teams within 100 miles of the parent) and moving them to suburbs or closer locales. MLS teams are sorting out a system with reserve teams in another league rather than (in most cases) affiliating. Trend? Slightly emerging at this point, maybe.

Does this work for NHL and AHL? I'm curious to see if this could be a trend here.
that attitude isn't understandable to the majority of AHL Fans, either, because more and more teams are now required, PCS, to be involved w/ the AHL affiliate, and most fans knew this from the IHL Merger BACK IN 2001, hence why Atlanta became the affiliate when the Wolves switched as did the other 5, now 4, since Utah did the same thing that's been charged here....axe seems to forget, that Levin and Young, etc were required to have an affiliate upon being accepted into the AHL, otherwise the franchise ceases to exist because Levin likely would be broke by the end of an independent season, and he also seems to not grasp the fact that Levin, despite his admission that the Wolves won't be sold, isn't exactly a true statement, just as we thought Chipman wouldn't be able to keep his franchise while restarting the Jets in WPG, that's partially why that contract ended when it did.

This is no longer the IHL DAYS, Levin knows that and it's time this fan needs to grow up and realize it, there are no independents, and there's a by law against that as well.

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