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Originally Posted by Vicente View Post
It's a different system in North America. There - and especially in Canadian Hockey League - you see that it is all about the teams success and they take the best players and try to get them into the NHL in any possible way.

In Europe - especially in Russia and Switzerland - coaches try to develop any player in a top junior league individually so that they are well-prepared for a possible future in professional hockey!

The system in Russia can rather be compared to the one of FC Barcelona or Real Madrid in football. Few guys make it to the first team of Barca or Real but many, many players continue to have a successful career in pro football as they all get the best possible development.

Off course there are good and bad coaches in any of the systems but if I had to chose between playing junior hockey in the States or in Russia, I would stay in Russia.
Yup, that is pretty much what it is.

Few NA coaches will put the effort into players that is traditional in developing young talent in Russia. Much more is up to the player in NA on how to develop rather than the hockey school/club which will guide and invest a lot to bring him up to professional levels in Russia.

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