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Originally Posted by Scott04 View Post
The invoice in the account is for just the first two rounds I assume? Logged in to my family's account for the hell of it and I'm trying to do the math for what the per ticket cost is here. I can't get it to an even number (even on the cents side of things), so obviously I'm a little off here. Taking off the surcharges, dividing by 8 games and the amount of tickets on the account and it leaves me with like 48 cents as the remainder on each seat. Meh..

Regardless, I'm curious for the exact breakdown. Looks like an average of $73-$74 a seat for us. We're in the lower bowl corners. Seems a little higher than I would assume, considering our per game price for the regular season is $53 a seat, and $56 for next season. I would have expected something like 61 and 67 per ticket/game for the first and second rounds for these seats. Maybe a dollar or two higher. Unless maybe I'm being too optimistic, but it doesn't seem to add up (unless my math is bad).
Yeah it's for the first two rounds, and you have to divide it by 'eight' games times however many # of tickets you have, even though there's almost no way in **** we get eight home games

For mine, I have two tickets so 792 divided by 16 (8 games*2 tickets) is 49.50 per ticket.

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