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Originally Posted by Doctor Hook View Post
I play in a men's rec league, and I'd say about 98% of the players are like me...just out there to have fun, a few laughs, play some hockey, and drink beers.

However, you always get those ******** who think they're Ulf Samuelsson out there and need to get pummelled. What makes the game great is the fact that you are held accountable for your actions. Play hard but with respect, and you'll be fine. Take continued cheap shots or try to goon it up and you get what you deserve.

Personally, I have no problem cross checking goons in the neck, throwing haymakers, or doing whatever it takes if warranted. Nothing too serious, but just my way of saying cut the *****, and do not mess with me or my team.

If somebody is not called out to cease their goonery (e.g. - if the refs are blowing the game), then what will make them stop?

Just wondering how other players on here handle these ants at a picnic. Feel free to post your best fights or whatever methods you've used.
I get a good long look at who it was and I file in the back of my mind. If it's in a game I point it out to the ref once, maybe twice. If nothing happens. I wait for the perfect time and hit him as hard as I possiably can.

Dust ups in pick up are different. I usually pull the guy aside and tell him to cut the ****. If that doesn't work I give him a taste of his own medicine.

There there are always the guys that freak out every time to touch them. I was digging for the puck along the wall and this kid just simply fell over. Next shift he cross checks be from behind driving me into the boards. After watch him and his brother swing sticks at each other I thought it best to just let that one go.

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