Thread: Post-Game Talk: Oilers lose 3-0 ...Game Over
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03-23-2013, 11:40 PM
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Not sure what we expect. We have the worst coaching staff in the league buy a lot and the worst front office in the league by a lot and an owner that is probably bottom five in the league.

Kruger is like the guy in your office that talks a game but really doesn't know jack **** and he is the fav of the high level manager, we all know the type. Smith and Buchberger couldn't get an nhl gig on any other team and our high level advisor for Kruger is a guy that was garbage when he was here before and couldn't get a job with any other NHL team.

Kevin Lowe is a buffoon and Tambellini's moves have been about 80% trash.

This team is totally doomed I'm afraid to say because they have set up their little nest so that even if the heat gets too high and they dump Tambellini another nepotism hire is waiting in the wings.

It's time the fans and press stopped fellating these jokers. I pity the fools that are paying top dollar to see this sheer and utter tripe.

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