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03-23-2013, 11:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Soundwave View Post
Komisarek signing was bad, but he was worth that contract when he was signed, his game just regressed with injury after Montreal.

Phaneuf trade? Win for the Leafs. Lupul/Gardiner trade? Win for the Leafs. JVR trade? Win for the Leafs. Kadri drafting? Win for the Leafs.

Making a big move to secure both the Sedins at the '99 draft? Huge move, impacts our division to this day. Drafting Kesler? Huge win for the Canucks. Those are the cornerstones of their franchise even to this day.

Drafted Bobby Ryan, Justin Schultz for the Ducks, fleeced Lowe for Pronger without giving up Perry or Getzlaf, etc. etc. etc.

Like him or not, he definitely wins more of his personnel decisions than he loses (no GM is 100%). And he has the balls to make a move, unlike our GM.
Komisarek, Armstrong, the list goes on. Of course the Phaneuf trade was good but at the same time he took advantage of a stupid Sutter just as he did a stupid Lowe. If half of the teams in the league even know he was available that trade is probably different today.

I think Gardiner is overrated and Beauchiman is having a monster year in Anaheim. Is that really a win for the Leafs? JVR I'll give you (because Holmgren is just as dumb as our GM).

Sedins drafting was good, as was Kesler, although he's regressed. But at the same time he considered Cloutier the starter of the future. He has a horrible track record with goaltending.

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