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03-24-2013, 12:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Hemsky_83 View Post

The first team people think of when you say that is Pittsburgh - but people underrate how potent that team is defensively. They're at their best when one of Malkin/Crosby is injured, and the other 3 lines buck up and play Phoenix-esque defense.

It's necessary when MAF is one of the more overpaid, overrated goalies in the league. He's not going to backstop them to wins.

But teams like FLA, PHI, CAR, TBL in the past have played that run-and-gun style for sure.
Teams like that can get away with it out east because they all seem to be willing to oblige each other in it for whatever reason.

Chicago seems to be the only team in the west who has any interest in it.

Would be interesting to look into a little bit, actually. Might have something to do with all those elite offensive draft picks ending up in the eastern conference for a long stretch of time until the Oilers decided to get in on it. No one else in the west has sucked for as long as the eastern conference or the Oilers.

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