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03-24-2013, 12:53 AM
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Originally Posted by jbean View Post
Put what I was talking about in perspective. I am talking about Tambellini and Burke. One has done absolutely nothing productive over a good many years whereas the other changes the faces of franchises. The biggest mistake Burke ever made was trading Kessel for draft picks that ended up being much better than even Burke's critics could've imagined. Besides that he has done very well as far as trades go, and I don't blame him for rolling the dice.

Also it's funny that you bring up Kunitz for Whitney simply looking where the two players are now. Not saying that the trade was an ideal move gms should imitate, but Whitney was at that time still a valuable asset even though everyone knew about his chronic foot injury. Sure enough Whitney lost all of his value whatsoever and Kunitz is exactly what Pittsburgh needed.
A bad trade is still a bad trade. Everyone talks about Getzlaf and Perry and Ryan in Anaheim but Kunitz was the driving force. Even if it looked decent at the time, it's still a bad trade.

We need to take risks, I absolutely agree, but I don't want our GM, whomever it may be, to throw caution to the wind. Making panic trades is a recipe for even bigger failure. the Erik Johnson trade was a panic trade and it cost the Avalanche very, very dearly.

Another example would be the Phaneuf trade. Nobody thinks that goof is more overrated than me but it spelled the beginning of the end of Sutter in Calgary and set them on the current course they're on.

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