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03-24-2013, 12:58 AM
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Originally Posted by GreatKeith View Post
Dammit why did you have to drive that dagger into my heart? Just imagine... People would have called Tambo an idiot for letting him go there...

It wasn't Tambellini's problem. His job is to improve his team by any means available. Smyth was not that means of improving the team. Smyth was brought in for the fans and PR, nothing more. If he could manage some goals it would have been a bonus.

Smyth is more of a hinderance to the team than anything now. I only wonder how much knowledge he's passing on to the youth like Guerin, Roberts and Recchi did before retiring. He's sloth like out there and doesn't react with split second accuracy the way he used to, because he doesn't care anymore. He doesn't have the heart he used to which is the worst part because he was known for heart. I still think all he has to do is turn it up a notch and we'd at least see better play out of him.

Horcoff has been publicly vocal and sounds like he's a good influence on young players. But if he really wants to be a leader on this team, he's gotta start by handing over the reins to Taylor Hall who is the obvious next choice for captain. Then he should consider retiring cause his injuries took his career far too early. He could have really been awesome. Great passer, heads up scorer, awesome at draws. I don't know, I still have hope for him that somehow the old Horcoff will come back and put at least 40 pts a season.

Hemsky should be getting more points but for some reason I always think he should be a point a game guy because of his God given talent. I'm just happy he's playing so aggressively. Compared to his usual play, he's almost reckless this season. This is certainly a fresh look for him. I hope he sticks around but only if he continues to produce. I still hold hope for him because once the team improves, he'll start putting up better point totals.

Belanger............don't know why he's here. Supposed to be our faceoff guy and give 3rd line scoring punch. Not happening. I like him and want more from him. Still hoping.

Our defence needs to pick it up. Whitney and Petry aren't putting up numbers at all and J. Schultz has hit a wall. N. Schultz and Fistric aren't shutting things down like I thought they would. Smid has been steady. Where is Potter and why isn't he getting a chance or has he passed his prime? I wish Andy Sutton was back. He always manages to put a fire under the players bums.

Biggest problem, toughness. Nobody is scared of this years players. Our guys are push overs and can't stay on their feet. They need to strike fear into the opposition, physically and offensively with all the talent. Once opponents see how tough the Oilers are physically they'll be more timid to attack them. Once opponents see how often they're getting lit up on the scoreboard, they'll sit on their heals playing tight defence and our offence will get more shots on net/more goals.

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