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03-24-2013, 01:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
Well yes actually I have and on guys like Sakic in his last 100 point season and Mario in his 43 game season.

You might not like or agree with the answers but we have been there and done that, not really sure why you would say otherwise?
If you ever presented actual answers, then I could at least disagree or dislike them but that has yet to happen.
Citing a perfect storm every 4-5 years, in pretty much every example is just bullcrap IMO and no answer at all.

Maybe it's me find the posts where I'm saying those things.

The point was that I don't believe that you live in the same reality as most of us do.

We don't know how Stastny or Bossy would do today so set up straw men elsewhere.
Why the hell don't we?
I coulda swore those guys played against Bourque and he played right up till '01.
You are not honestly trying to say that a talented guy like Bourque could adapt through 3 decades but talented guys like Bossy and Stastny couldn't?

The number of GF for the Kings/Oilers in 88 and 89 are out there as are the numbers of GF for all teams post lockout, it simply takes too many "if this happens and if that happens" to put together a strong argument for 160 plus points by any player period.
Yeah, a what if like 18 year old kid that is perfectly suited to play under certain new rules and he makes the best of it?
Or does your "Perfect Storm" rhetoric only apply to guys named Gretzky and Orr?

Actually it's not, the only fact here is that you are disagreeing with me and resort to name calling and other weird stuff with sometimes an argument here and there which usually changes depending on your mood or player (see Lidstrom and his Norris trophies and your use of era in that regard, when here era doesn't matter for some reason).

Post 427 on the top 60 Dmen of all time to be exact
I don't know what the hell you're talking about? That post was talking about competition, more specifically consistent competition. Of which Lidstrom won most of his Norris pretty weak in that department.
It certainly wasn't about era my friend.

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