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Originally Posted by CHRDANHUTCH View Post
that attitude isn't understandable to the majority of AHL Fans, either, because more and more teams are now required, PCS, to be involved w/ the AHL affiliate, and most fans knew this from the IHL Merger BACK IN 2001, hence why Atlanta became the affiliate when the Wolves switched as did the other 5, now 4, since Utah did the same thing that's been charged here....axe seems to forget, that Levin and Young, etc were required to have an affiliate upon being accepted into the AHL, otherwise the franchise ceases to exist because Levin likely would be broke by the end of an independent season, and he also seems to not grasp the fact that Levin, despite his admission that the Wolves won't be sold, isn't exactly a true statement, just as we thought Chipman wouldn't be able to keep his franchise while restarting the Jets in WPG, that's partially why that contract ended when it did.

This is no longer the IHL DAYS, Levin knows that and it's time this fan needs to grow up and realize it, there are no independents, and there's a by law against that as well.
And once again hutch enters into a conversation, that he adds nothing to and spews incorrect info, not to mention a personal attack on me. Wow...what a shock!!!!

Time to try and correct the misinformation comments....But first this message from our sponsers.....Hutch DON'T TALK DOWN TO ME EVER AGAIN...I HAVE PROBABLY FORGOTTEN MORE ABOUT HOCKEY THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW. You want to have an intellegent conversation then fine but don't talk down to me.

Don Levin told me in person to my face that he would not sell the Wolves and that the chance of there being hockey in Seattle was about 10% at best. He also stated that one reason he wants an NHL team is to be able to control the players that come down to the Wolves.
What does PCS stand for?
I haven't forgotten anything about being required to affiliate with an NHL team to gain entry into the AHL.
Levin would be broke by the end of an independent season huh? Just like he went broke in the old IHL in which the Wolves were an independent team,in a league with higher player salaries and a much more expensive travel cost, but Don went broke, gee wonder if he knows that?
Love how you call Don Levin a liar on here you know the man or have ever spoken to him.
So Don wouldn't be able to own an NHL team and an AHL franchise citing the True North/Chipman mean like Lieopold in Minnesota owns the Wild and the Houston franchise or maybe like Stillman in St. Louis owns the Blues and also the Peoria mean like that?

No hutch there are no independents, and to all those on here reading this....Hutch is the only person in North America who is unwilling to accept that a team has to have an affiliate to enter the AHL but isn't required to have an affiliate to stay in the AHL. there's a whole thread up top on the subject with much more detail.
And hutch I'm calling you out and issuing a challange on here....every time you bring the subject up you cite bylaws as your proof but whenever pressed to you NEVER show us these bylaws that you speak here's the challenge...either you produce these bylaws for all to see OR you never bring them up again.
Now let's see how you want to play it.

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