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03-24-2013, 01:26 AM
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Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
Opening it up is the only way that the Oilers can win any game let alone, a game against St. Louis. If they lose, so be it but at least they will go down running and gunning so to speak. It's why they were successful against the Hawks and played well against the Wings for 2 periods.

The Oilers are simply not good enough to play at the other teams' pace and when they try chip and chase against a much bigger and stronger opponent, they might as well fold the tent and go home by the end of the 1st.

Until Tambellini adds some balance to the roster to the point that they can play multiple styles and succeed, they absolutely must play the only style that caters to the strength which is an up tempo, aggressive style. Trying to play tight checking, sit back and try to hope for a turnover hockey against a team like St. Louis is playing into their hands. They can simply just impose their will and play in the Oilers zone all night.
They might as well play aggressive, loosen the reigns and let the skilled guys make skilled plays and if they have some odd man breaks the other way, so be it. Try to dictate at their pace. The problem is that the Oilers play as if they're scared to make a mistake and that's a recipe for disaster with a roster like this.
The Hawks since the SC win have mostly been an undisciplined team that WE manage to school because with speed we CAN beat them at a run and gun game and have.

Conversely the Blues are an excellently coached club that will murder you on the counter ANY time we try to open it up against them. They know how to play us. Chicago for whatever reason doesn't care enough to play a disciplined game against us.

The mistake many people make here is in thinking that a team with 8-9 players 23 or under is dictating terms. That just isn't how it works in the top league in hockey.

Again, as I keep stating, the Oilers DID try to open it up in the last 25mins and as soon as they did the Blues were getting multiple quality chances and the game then completely got away.

If you think the answer is going from 1-0 to 3-0 thats exactly what happened tonight.

I'll call it too. Hawks are going nowhere. But the Blues and Ducks are teams to watch this year.

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