Thread: Post-Game Talk: Oilers lose 3-0 ...Game Over
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03-24-2013, 01:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Soundwave View Post
Oh no doubt. I want him gone. I'd just be worried about hiring another GM with no real experience in the hot seat. We just have no luck with that.
Agreed, just like bringing in a rookie coach with no NHL resume for this incredibly young team was a recipe for disaster. And wouldn't you know it; 4 of the 5 'big' young guns--I'm including Justin--are arguably under-performing a great deal. Can it be put solely on him? Probably not. But was it really the best idea to begin with? Have to think there were better options out there with a decent NHL track record and that have proven they can help develop young talent. It was a huge risk--why was it deemed necessary? I just can't figure out what the hell Tambo's really trying to do here.

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