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03-24-2013, 01:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Soundwave View Post
I'm scared to death of hiring a green GM, I won't lie. It just seems like something that would completely blow up in our faces.

We don't need a saviour. Just gimme someone half decent. The talent is already here, it shouldn't take more than dummy to fill in the gaps, especially if there's another top 10 pick coming.
I honestly think the blog community by vote would do a lot better than our management. All we need is someone who is smart and pragmatic to make consistent decisions. I think Olcyk has done well since he's been here and Stu has been above average ( you can't blame him when the GM picks need over BPA).

The thing is the talent is too homogeneous and has been for along time. Remember when Quinn was playing JFJ on the top line to balance the roster. This year Krueger is doing the same thing, the team isn't going to be successful until it has balance in age, skill, size and experience.

Lowe, most of all, has to have this laid at his feet because he has purposely gone with a "boys on the bus" rebuild, which we are now seeing is actually hurting the development of the players. The bar has just been set so low.

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