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03-24-2013, 02:09 AM
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Originally Posted by elpol View Post
Howson never would have had a chance to see things through. That's just how these things tend to go. It really puzzles me how so many posters in here can't see that, even though Howson has put the pieces in place for the organization, the moment they brought Davidson in was the final cog that sets them in the right direction. I think you're kidding yourself if you underestimate Davidson's influence and abilities. We just saw an example of what his capabilities are as a team President tonight against St. Louis.
Howson, year after year, trotted Mason out. Early in the thread he was referred to as "world class." He had a great rookie campaign. Howson didn't draft and develop goalies, he did nothing to fix the teams biggest weakness until this past off-season. That is an undeniable and huge mistake.

He also managed a team that was worse than the Oilers last year. After years of being in charge. He did some good things and was saddled with an obvious deficit, but ultimately he failed.

JD and Jarmo will have less of a deficit to start with because of Howson, but they will not make the big mistakes like Howson did.

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