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03-24-2013, 02:43 AM
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Random thoughts about whats going on...

Random thoughts after watching this seasons games and reading the last few pgt' me paranoid but I have some theories. *tinfoil hat*

Coach related:

Kreuger's (only) apparent 5 on 5 strategy is to maintain puck possession and draw penalties. Which doesn't work for multiple reasons, relying on the other team to take penalties and relying on the refs to call those penalties is paramount. Hardly a reliable strategy.

Not to mention the fact that this team has absolutely zero ability to gain the offensive zone even on a powerplay, let alone 5 on 5.

Bench management has been abysmal, as has special teams. Questionable lines, ice time, d pairings, scratches, everything.

Obviously there was going to be some growing pains with a first year nhl coach. But if he cant adapt and produce, at minimum, entertaining losses with the offensive tools he has at his disposal then there really isn't any excuse in my opinion. Unless...

Thoughts on management/ownership:

I have to assume that katz is not happy with his product, despite posting profits. He has to have some modicum of pride that would not allow him to accept whats going on for the sake of being in the black. On some level he has to be a fan.

That being said, he must have a plan. The only one that remotely makes sense to me, given the current state of affairs and maintaining this seemingly anemic management group, is to amass as many valuable assets as possible, evaluate, and make the necessary roster changes (both in staff and players) when he's holding all the cards, all the while, stringing the paying customer along as long as possible.

Thoughts on players:

Maybe they dont know it but they are being manipulated into going along with the master plan. Based on the level of offensive talent on this roster, and their resumes, the should be able to get out of the zone. They should be able to score multiple goals on a nightly basis. They should be, at a minimum, entertaining to watch.

The only reason they aren't is clearly because of coaching systems and strategy. And they know it. You can see it on their faces after they lose, you can see it in their responses to media after a loss, in their reactions to the fans booing, in their quotes after being scratched. Its like they genuinely feel like its not their fault. But kreuger is so nice and so positive that they cant just quit playing for him. And losing for the cause.

And really, even if this wasn't the plan from the start, its what it has evolved into. If by some fluke the oilers were winning this season, ownership/management would look like geniuses that caught lightning in a bottle. But since they aren't, the just get horcoff to ask for fan support again. Katz is a shrewd businessman, I sure wouldnt put it past him.

Keep a inept scapegoat management team of expendables (lowe, tambo, mac t) that can be relied upon to make poor decisions (coaching staff, roster) in order to acquire assets (highly touted draft picks) that keep paying customers vested in the future of the franchise by selling them hope, no pun intended.

Its the slow play, and one that if executed properly, will guarantee the financial security of this franchise for katz for a very long time. The arena completion date will coincide nicely with the time that the team should be emerging as a perennial contender, and is conveniently timed right around when the existing fans would be ready to give up their expensive season seats to the losing club, if it weren't for the fact that NONE of them would even consider it with a new arena on the horizon and a 10 year waiting list.

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