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03-24-2013, 03:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Coldplay View Post
Boston probably losing tonight, squandered opportunity to widen the gap.
Twice this week. Should have put the knife in, and did not. Ah, I hope Habs learn to do this next year.

Originally Posted by sampollock View Post
Have to agree. We are going to die with DD
The PO this year will show what he has. Could have signed him after that.

Originally Posted by Raider917 View Post
when is prust returning? hasnt it been 10-14 days already?
I already said that none of our injured would be back this week. We have the luxury of resting guys longer, and we need to, for the PO. It's a gamble, and we lost the gamble this week. We might lose 4th because of it.

Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
Yes, the refs blew at least two calls. But the refs didn't stop us from scoring goals, Miller did. I'm not happy about the officiating, but we hear this moaning every night from one fan base after another. We got beat by a hot goalie. Move on...
I hear this all the time. Better solve hot goalies, or you ain't going to the finals. It's time guys here adjusted to reality: We are going to the PO, and in the PO, 'the goalie was hot' is not an excuse.

Originally Posted by Hiro View Post

Edit: DD, would you please shoot the darn puck had about 5 great one-timer opportunities in the first pp and you passed everyone instead.
I have said since this summer that DD had to score goals this year to stay on the team. Guess I was wrong, as we just signed him for 4 years. I love DD, but I absolutely hate centres that can't score goals. Eller is next on my list for the same problem.

Carter would look damn good right now on line 1. Oh well, PG didn't see the problem, I guess.

You think we're fine next year with:

Pleks: 25 goals

DD: 16 goals

Eller: 16 goals

Gally: 16 goals, (30 in 2 more years)?

We are not fine at centre at all. We need a goal scoring centre. Said it a thousand times before, and I'm saying it again.

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