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Originally Posted by Guru Meditation View Post
If you believe the rumors, it's Detroit, TB, and another team that periodically changes. Sometimes St. Louis, sometimes Edmonton, or even others.

An interesting thing to talk about would be: does Sustr signing in TB affect DeKeyser's desire to sign there?

Now, by all indications Sustr plays the right side. I know that DeKeyser plays the left side. So while they're both defensemen, it might be that DeKeyser doesn't necessarily view him as competition. In fact, Sustr could just be another piece in a solid defense for DeKeyser to join in the future.

Plus, TBL has several defensemen who (one would think) will not not necessarily be holding down roster spots in the future. Salo and Ohlund are getting up there in years. Bergeron is not exactly a cornerstone. Brian Lee is seemingly not a worldbeater there. Aulie, although still young, is not making the strongest claim for his job. So I think in terms of that lineup, it likely looked very appealing to Sustr in terms of picking up a roster spot in the next 1-3 years. I can't see why it wouldn't look like a great opportunity to DeKeyser even with Sustr on board.

So, I think DeKeyser should still have a strong interest in the TBL. They're very strong offensively with room to grow defensively, along with lots of jobs to be had.

Of course, he should still sign with the Wings. /biased
Where did you hear that Edmonton was one of the teams? I don't know much at all about the kid but we definitely need help on D.

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