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08-07-2006, 11:10 AM
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I personally don't get too worked up about stuff...but when I do get worked up:

I let my teammates know, there are a couple who don't like other players being butts, and personally like to hit people, so I let them in on the fun. The refs sometimes know who is being an butt and let those checks slide. Or I like giving the guy a whack in the back of the leg discretely and they know I'm not not taking any **** and usually works. Or I'll just screw around with them and beat them cleanly and get them even more ticked...for example this one team had like 2 guys who were really intent on checking me cause they though I dove to draw a penalty on the semi-breakaways I had on them. So I let them line me up and then I make a move or stop, let them miss and slam themself in the boards, I get a good laugh and then they realize to not make an *** of themselves.

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