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03-24-2013, 05:49 AM
Jek McPorkins
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I'm not going to deny it: It really does look like Krueger's mandate for the forwards is to develop a well-rounded game while not letting the players play that wide open game that we see glimpses of. The defense stinks, though. His pursuit strategy is one I don't comprehend. That said, Krueger isn't the issue.

The problem is that Katz has played the game perfectly in the past several years.

- perennial awful team without consequences
- no pressure to acquire top talent
- using #1 picks as a drawing card for fans bereft of real talent to watch
- huge seat registry base that alone assures continual demand through losing years
- making large profits without any need to spend to the salary cap
- ability to choose a start date for being competitive by simply signing stopgap scrubs
- new arena building with ridiculous profits on the way
- absolute control of hockey market by marketing the Oil Kings to kids and not to adult fans

Needless to say I've been disgusted with this ****show for a long time.

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