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Originally Posted by WhalerBlue View Post
The Whalers were informed at 5:00 pm Saturday that Mistele was suspended indefinitely. The Whalers were effected by this decision. They were apprehensive about hitting out of fear. Sarnia played right into that role by taking several dives in the first. This was a difficult game to win as the Whalers never could get anything going. This was due to the fact that the officials called a terrible game that disrupted the flow. I have never seen so many double minors called in a single game. This game will be reviewed Monday for several reasons. Two big time slashes from Basso and DeAngelo. I expect one or possibly both to be suspended. We nearly got a bench minor a couple of times as Vellucci was really upset with the officials. To that end, Sarnia nearly got a couple themselves as their staff was equally as upset. This was a terrible game to watch. Enough diving, enough slashing, enough bad officiating.....Lets just play a game of hockey and see where it takes this series. Sarnia played a better game, but it was difficult to gauge it as they suffered from the same disruption of flow caused by the officiating. I would like to point out a mistake by Head Coach Jacques Beaulieu-with 42.4 seconds left in the 3rd, with the face off deep in the Whalers zone, JP was 15 feet out of his crease looking at the bench asking to come out for an extra attacker. Nobody from that coaching staff even looked at him. They were too concerned with having the right guys out on the ice to pay attention to having an extra attacker. No time out, no extra attacker. JP finally made it to the bench, but with only a few seconds remaining. Ouch! This is the kind of boo-boo that can get you fired. I was amazed that a Sarnia fan handed out some bumper stickers that asked for Jacques to be fired. I guess he is not too popular in Sarnia these days. I can see why, if he does things like this with any frequency. Also heard something crazy, hopefully someone can confirm or deny this. Jacques told a member of the local Sarnia media that JP played bad in game 1. If he said that, then he needs to be fired. He definitely is not looking at the same game as others. Not only did JP play good in game 1 (11 goals against with nobody helping defensively-I thought he was pretty good considering that) but I thought he played good in game 2 as well.
The dives were pretty blatant. I thought the calls in the third period were even worse, though, as several ticky-tack calls went against Plymouth while a few blatant holds by Sarnia were completely ignored by the officials. The one-sided nature of the officiating was obvious, and was the only reason the Sting kept the game close.

As for possible Sarnia suspensions, I wouldn't count on anything. Plymouth has been getting the short end of the stick on these decisions all season. Noesen and Wilson were hit with relatively heavy suspensions for their infractions, while Posa received only a few games for deliberately trying to take Heard's head off away from the play, and Hottot received nothing for one of the most out of control performances I have ever seen in the OHL, which included three separate incidents of intentionally trying to hurt an opponent that should have been reviewed.

I fully expect we will come out on the short end in any suspensions in this series, too.

As for Sarnia not pulling their goalie earlier, I guess their head coach is really reluctant to do so -- after all, he left JP in for all 11 goals on Friday night.

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