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03-24-2013, 08:46 AM
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Those 2 guys are really nice prospects. 1 Problem, do you think if they stay they will ever get a shot playing in Kazan? I don't think so, I could be wrong, but probably not...
I have new solution instead of draft - If a player plays 4 seasons in MHL or 2 in the VHL without playing some amount of games in the KHL, he is eligible to go on waivers, meaning the lowest place team has a chance to sign him first. This way guys who are good enough to move on but are stuck in a teams deep system will force the KHL team to either play them or lose them. No compensation for the lost player.
So in a hypothetical worst case situation a 19 yo Svechnikov who would be in his 4th year of MHL would either be forced to be called up to the VHL, where he would only have to stay for 2 years, or the KHL. So the worst case scenario for him is that he is 21 with 2 years of VHL behind him and eligible to sign elsewhere. They wouldn't be able to just call a guy up to the KHL for a few games to negate the rule, to avoid it thet would have to play a guy at least 10min a game for at least 75% of the season.
Of course the numbers are hypothetical Im sure better ones could be made up (maybe only 3 years of MHL?), what do you guys think?

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