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03-24-2013, 09:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Woland View Post
is this ok ? Rockfest Montebello 2013
enter with caution
I'll be at Montebello for the 4th time.

Me and a bunch of friends always rent the top floor of a residence on Montebello's main street, 2-3 minutes away from the site.

First time I went there, the headliners were, like, The Misfits

But then it was Lamb of God and NOFX, and last year was Korn and Dream Theater.

It's also just plain fun.

This year? Mainly looking for Dropkick, Deftones and Rise Against. Manson and Cooper, IN THE SAME VENUE, could also make it really interesting, even if I really don't care about Manson's music.

A bit disappointed in the lack of non-core metal bands though. I mean, just The Agonist would've been great, and it's not like they're far away. (yeah, I know, they're core-ish).

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