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03-24-2013, 09:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Procrastinator View Post
the best thing sather ever did for this franchise was bring in clark. Clark had more of an influence building our current pool talent then sather. only thing i could remember sather doing intelligent was stealing McD from MTL.
I absolutely agree his pedigree is off the charts and since glen is recovering from his prostate cancer etc.. i hope this puts life into perspective that hes not young anymore and hands over the reigns to gordie.. the guy is a hockey junkie and was a big part of Boston front office and involved with drafting kessel, bringing in seguin/hamilton i believe. Hes the aire apparent to take over once glen decides to retire.. the guy simply knows hockey inside and out.. and with his short time here he drafted and help build our current core..

Originally Posted by Nac Mac Feegle View Post

Last year the team was a family. Sather went hardball with Prust and he bolted. I'd be willing to bet if Sather was a little softer with his negotiating techniques and actually treated his players like he cared, Prust would still be here...and for less than the $2.5 mil he's currently getting in Montreal. Prust left because Montreal told him he'd be a big part of the team and made him feel wanted. People underestimate just how much that means to players - especially 3rd and 4th line guys.
this is why slats pisses me offf bc the guy pays UFAs like no other bc he likes proven players.. ALA NY Yankees.. and look at them this year they have no good young players to replace these often injured old ass players, which is sad, when theyre trying to get david lee and chipper jones out of retirement to play, now thats SAD!!.. i rather overpay on homegrown players and players that really established themselves here like prust then overpay on these big name athletes.. look around the league and see how many guys out there play like Prust.. i think hes a diamond in the rough and torts really made him the player who he is.. its sad that our gm plays hard ball with current members of the team but when its a big fish in the pond he gives them the key to MSG.. just sad, simply sad!!

championships are built not bought.. we have to keep guys like hags, kreider, step, nash,callahan, miller mcd staal, girardi mdz and hank ofcourse as long as possible.. we have to build a team and stop trading players like these bc its hard finding players to bring what they have.. you have to add to the core not keep trading the core away.. i wouldnt trade gabs unless we get blown away for a trade, otherwise keep him and get role players around the league like clowe, torres etc and ship pyatt, asham, powe out of town bc theyre to soft and serve no purpose.. i think haley with guidance of torts could turn into our new prust..

but please stop blaming our coach, when our gm is strangling the organization..

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